Human Resource

"Corporate HR is here to serve you better"

We are striving to Serve Humanity with the expertise of our People who are our strength. We are the leaders in the industry and believe in four core values (Team work, Excellence, Customer Centric and Ethics)

We believe that our employees are the ultimate strength. We endeavor to attract, retain and develop the best talent. Our focus is to strive for the welfare of humanity. We provide convivial and energizing environment to the employees that promotes innovation, team work, motivation, social interaction and above all respect for the individual.

Ours is an exciting and dynamic business - and a demanding one. We believe that if we expect people's continued energy and commitment at work, we must provide the right environment for that to happen.

The Pharmagen HR has set forth HR System Manual and pledge continued efforts to carry out periodic review by aligning HR policies with organizational mission and strategic goals..

Development & Training:

Pharmagen believes in continued success which depends on the skills of its people, and we are committed to developing the wide range of capabilities that our workforce offers.

We recognize the importance of continuous dialogue and feedback. Regular meetings between managers and individuals - as well as an annual performance review - provide not only the opportunity to discuss work objectives and progress towards these, but also to plan any further personal development that may be required to achieve the objectives, and to consider longer - term career goals.

We encourage people to form support networks and to share knowledge and experience, to the benefit of their personal development and to enhance individual and team contribution to business success with quality services and products.

Pharmagen always plans for consecutive in-house and external training. External training and market research is offered abroad, as well.

Why Work With Us?

We understand that our success depends on providing our people with an environment in which they can thrive and that's just what we are doing. It's an approach that makes our people a priority.

We aspire to make Working at Pharmagen a very rewarding experience. We want people to be confident and positive about what they are doing, with a clear sense of purpose, and pride in their individual contribution to company's success.

This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities, a safe culture of equal opportunity in which an individual success depends solely on personal merit and performance.

We also encourage and support a healthy work-life balance, social interactivity which we have committed essential to the continued well-being of all our employees. We enjoy the status of a "favorite employer" by offering compensation and benefits to our employees with cordial environment that makes our people a priority.

Compensation & Benefits:

Some of those are:

Group Life Insurance

Hospitalization Insurance benefit for the individuals and their dependent family members

Contributory Provident Fund

Bonuses / Incentives

Periodical Medical Check-up

Employees Old-age Benefit (EOBI) and Social Security services

Fully subsidized meals, uniforms and transportation facility at Plant

Job Opportunities:

If you want to be part of Pharmagen family, we offer a lucrative career in the following fields:

  • Production
  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Commercial
  • IT
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Human Resource
  • Management
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