Environment, Health & Safety


  • To increase awareness and to motivate employees for achieving sustainable competitive business advantage through adopting “Zero accident” philosophy that all work related accidents, incidents, injuries, and illness are preventable.
  • Excellence in environment performance by reducing our Environmental Footprint and Safeguarding the Planet
  • Waste minimization initiatives in order to optimize resource use.


Pharmagen has following ISO Certifications regarding to Environment, Health & Safety.

  • ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System)
  • ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

Environment Health & Safety Policy:

“We at Pharmagen Limited are committed to protect the environment, ensure Occupational Health & Safety of our employees and all our associates and ensure the provision of amenities at our workplace. We manage our operations, activities, raw materials, manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in safe, healthy and environment friendly manner. To fulfill legal and social responsibilities, we ensure continual improvement of our Safety and Environmental management systems by setting objectives regarding elimination of hazards, reduction of Health & Safety risks, prevention of workplace accidents & adverse environmental impacts. As a part of our commitment, we ensure staff consultation and participation, enhance Occupational Environment, Health & Safety awareness through safety trainings, Environment, Health & Safety Risk management, waste minimization, energy conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and seek justifiable measures to minimize the discharge of contaminants to the environment within permissible limits”

Activities of EHS:

Risk Management:

The main objectives of risk management is to promote prevention, in order to guarantee a safe, environmentally compatible and profitable business. Sufficient resources in terms of personnel and equipment respond to all situations identified on the emergency plan. Risk management program to identify, assess and control specific risks associated with existing, modified or new processes and occupation are in place.

Fire Fighting:

EHS Department handles all the emergency situation. For this purpose firefighting equipment room is located at plant. Firefighting equipment like, respirator, cable cutter, blanket, fire extinguisher, sand buckets etc. kept there for emergency. Smoke detectors are present throughout the facility. Fire hydrants reels are located inside the production facility, warehouses and laboratory.

Waste Management:

EHS Department is responsible for proper waste disposal. Two types of wastes are normally generated from the plant.

Liquid waste:

Laboratory solvents are neutralized at the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). After neutralizing, the clarified water is discharged to the drain.

Solid waste:

Plastics, woods, cardboards, glasses, PVC film, aluminum foil, papers etc. are disposed off through contactor.

Emission control:

We are continuously doing efforts to minimize our environmental footprint which will result in a reduction of our energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Pest Control:

Pest issues are a critical threat to pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. A single pest in production or ingredient storage can contaminate expensive product batches. In addition, improper treatment for pests can also put environmental controls at risks, so at Pharmagen we are following strict Pest control procedures.